AOR AR-6000
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The AR6000 delivers continuous tuning from 40 kilohertz to 6 gigahertz in a wide variety of modes for professional monitoring performance...
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The AR6000 delivers continuous tuning from 40 kilohertz to 6 gigahertz in a wide variety of modes for professional monitoring performance that’s nothing short of amazing in terms of accuracy, sensitivity and speed. Standard modes include AM, FM, WFM, FM Stereo, USB, LSB and CW. An optional module can add the capability to receive APCO25 digital communications plus an optional I/Q output can be added to capture up to one megahertz of bandwidth onto a storage device for later listening or signal analysis.

Designed for the monitoring or technical service professional, there are no interruptions in the AR6000’s tuning range. With exceptional tuning accuracy and sensitivity throughout its tuning range, the AR6000 begins at the floor of the radio spectrum and continues up through microwave frequencies so it can be used for land-based or satellite communications. It works as a measuring receiver for those seeking a reliable frequency and signal strength standard. To support its broad spectrum, the AR6000 has two antenna ports, with the added capability of an optional remote antenna selector from the front panel of the receiver.

With its popular analog signal strength meter and large easy-to-read digital spectrum display, the AR6000 is destined to become the new choice of federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, the military, emergency managers, diplomatic service, lab  technicians, news-gathering operations and security professionals.
  • 40 kHz ~ 6 GHz coverage with no interruptions
  • Multimode AM, FM, WFM, FM Stereo, USB, LSB and CW
  • Tuning steps of 1 Hz up to 3.15 GHz; 2 Hz from 3.15 ~ 6 GHz
  • Receiver is programmable and manageable through a USB computer interface
  • Up to 2,000 alphanumeric memory channels
  • Analog S-meter, large tuning dial, front panel power, volume & squelch controls
  • Direct frequency input
  • Fast Fourier Transform algorithms
  • An SD memory card port can be used to store recorded audio
  • Two selectable antenna input ports plus optional remote antenna selector
  • Frequency range: 40kHz - 6GHz
  • Minimum frequency step: 1Hz (2Hz above 3GHz)
  • Tuning step: 1Hz-999.999kHz
  • Receive modes: USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM, WFM, FM-Stereo
  • Number of VFO: 5 (A - E)
  • Memory channels: 2,000 (50 channels x 40 banks)
  • Number of memory banks: 40
  • Number of pass channels: 1,200  30(ranges) x 40 memory banks
  • Number of priority channel: 1
  • Scan speed: Approximately 100 channels (steps) / second
  • Antenna impedance: 50Ω
  • Operating temperature range: 0℃ - +50℃ (32°F - 122°F)
  • Frequency stability: Less than +/- 0.1ppm  (5 minutes after powering up). Less than +/- 0.01ppm with an optional GPS unit
  • Power requirement: 10.7V - 16V DC、 2.0A @ 12V
  • Audio output: >2W @8Ω load
  • Current consumption: Approximately 200mA (stand by mode), 1.5A (at maximum output mode)
  • Ground: Negative
  • Dimensions: 304mm (D) x 220mm(W) x 97mm(H), 8.67 (W)x 3.82 (H) x 12 (D) inches
  • Weight: Approx. 5kg, 12 lbs


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