RF-Kit B26-PA RF2K-S
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This is a tested and compete kit Solid State No-Tune Linear Amplifier with an official FCC "Grant Of Equipment Authorization" and excellent...
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This is a tested and compete kit Solid State No-Tune Linear Amplifier with an official FCC "Grant Of Equipment Authorization" and excellent specifications that provide clean, legal operations. These are fully calibrated and compete kit amps. User calibration is no longer required, so the extra SD Card and SMA cable that were needed to calibrate a kit are no longer included. You can unpack and use your RF2K-S within minutes!

The RF2K-S offers the ground-breaking features that are pushing the envelope of present-day linear amplifier designs. Full legal limit capabilities across all Amateur Bands, 160 through 10 meters, 1,100 watts on 6 meters, updated speed controlled low noise fans and pin diode T/R switching for extra quiet QSK operation, the RF2K-S is certain to be an absolute operating pleasure for hams around the world. The on-board whisper quiet switching power supply supports operation on mains from 90 to 290 Vac. With a nominal RF input of 55 watts, this amplifier achieves 800 watts output running on 110 – 120 Vac and 1,500 watts out running on 230 – 240 Vac.

RF2K-S Amplifier Specifications and Features:

  • Assembled and tested, ready to use
  • Frequency Range: 1.8-30 MHz and 50-54 MHz, Amateur bands
  • RF Power Output: 1,500 Watts CW/SSB 160-10 meters, 1,100 Watts 6 meters
  • RF Input Drive Level: 55 Watt all bands (US Version)
  • Dual LDMOS devices rated at 3400 watts
  • Efficiency: Up to 70% varies by band
  • Very silent operation with speed controlled low noise fans and pin diode TX/RX switching
  • Transmit-Receive transfer time:  < 4 mS
  • Full Break-in QSK capable to over 60 WPM  
  • Internal Automatic Antenna Tuner with unlimited memories
  • 7-inch Color Touch Screen
  • Multiple user selectable displays
  • Excellent signal quality
  • Predistortion output -55 dB for equipped transceivers
  • Auto RF Sense Band Selection
  • YAESU® Band Data Interfaces
  • YAESU BCD Band data output for external devices
  • CAT Connectivity through USB
  • CAT data through IP (UDP)
  • LAN Connectivity
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity (host and client mode)
  • Quiet Internal Power Supply, Input Range 90-290 Vac
  • Full power 1,500W on 230 Vac; 800W output at 110 Vac
  • Power Meter Range: 1 W through 3 KW
  • Software Update via Internet
  • Remote Internet operation via PC, Tablet, or cell phone; supports Windows Android, Linux, Apple IOS, others
  • Remote Power On with +12 Vdc
  • RF Connectors:  1 x SO-239 Transceiver, 4 x SO-239 Antennas 1-4
  • Dimensions WHD: 12.205 x 7.480 16.732 in.  (310 x 190 x 425 mm)
  • Weight: 35.2 lbs. (16kg)

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Instruction Manual

General Features:

  • Frequency Range:   1.8-30 MHz and 50-54 MHz

  • RF-Output:   1500 Watts (... with headroom)

  • Exciter Drive Level:   50

  • Efficiency:   up to 70% varies by band

  • Dual LDMOS devices rated at 3400 Watts

  • TX/RX switching: <1mS PIN-Diode switching (for real fast QSK without relay noise)

  • internal Automatic Antenna Tuner ( unlimited Memories )
    - can match up to 3:1 SWR

  • Tuner can store values for the 4 internal antennas and up to 16 external antennas

  • 1X TRX and 4x Antenna build in
    - 16 External antennas using an external antenna switch

  • Excellent signal quality

  • -55 dB output for Predistortion

  • 7-inch Color Touch Screen

  • Multiple user displays selectable  

  • Very silent operation due to speed controlled low noise fans

  • very fast RF Sens, even fast enough for high-spedd CW and QSK

  • YAESU® Band Data output for external devices

  • CAT Connectivity through USB

  • CAT through IP ( UDP )

  • TCI Interface for SunSDR

  • LAN Connectivity (for remote access via Internet)

  • Wi-Fi Connectivity ( Client mode )

  • Power Meter from 1 W through 3 KW

  • free Software Update via Internet

  • Remote Internet operation via PC, Tablet or cell phone- supports platforms such Apple IOS®, Android®, Linux® and Windows®

  • External Power/ON applying +12V

  • Sleep mode for low power consumption

  • Quiet Internal PSU 90-290 V/AC / 1 Phase

  • Dimensions HWD: 7,4 x 12,2 x 16,7 inch. / 19 x 31 x 42,5 cm

  • Weight: 35,2 lbs / 16 Kg#


Dual LDMOS devices, rated for 3,400 Watts total power, are handled cleanly by super-fast pin diode RF switching, supporting flawless QSK CW. Enjoy hands-free RF-sense automatic band changing and the internal automatic antenna tuner with unlimited memories. You really don't need to touch the RF2K-S because it is fully remote controllable via PC USB, LAN Ethernet and even by Wi-Fi. It supports control by programs of virtually any platform or operating system. But, you will be compelled to use the gorgeous 7 in. color touch screen of this amplifier, with multiple user selectable displays. Or, simply view the identical real-time status, power, SWR and temperature information on your PC, laptop or mobile device screen. One RF input and four antenna outputs on the rear panel are selectable remotely or by touch screen.Enhanced with a pre-distortion output for equipped transceivers, excellent signal quality and presence is the hallmark of RF-KIT brand Power Amplifiers. Equipped for very "silent" operation in the shack, the RF2K-S ushers in a new era of linear amplifier excellence.


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